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Our Services

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    Aerial Inspection and Mapping

    Our aerial inspection and mapping services give you access to pilots with experience in close-up inspections with real-time feedback and pilots with the ability to collect volumetric data on your construction site.

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    Agriculture and Gaming

    Your agriculture and gaming evaluation needs can be fulfilled with our services to provide invasive species monitoring, crop health assessments, mining site evaluations, and detection and monitoring of wildlife habitats.

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    Emergency Response

    Our team is available to support you with capable pilots and rapid response times. Fire damage documentation, post-disaster assessments, debris removal evaluations, and other natural disaster responses are fully supported with our team of pilots.

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    Law Enforcement Support

    Let our team of qualified pilots assist your agency with surveillance, reconnaissance, accident support, and search and rescue missions.

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    Media and Marketing

    Our services can be utilized for any of your marketing needs. Let us collect imagery and video of ongoing construction projects, community events, new developments, or any local happenings for public outreach and media relations.

Why Choose Us

FAA Part 107 Certified Pilots

Our team is made up of FAA Part 107 certified pilots, insured, and fully equipped with the cutting-edge technology necessary to ensure the timely and accurate execution of any task order.

Competitive Pricing & Local Resources

We are a team of businesses having roots within the states we serve, committed to provide effective communication by being highly responsive in supporting government actions and our communities.


About Us

Michael Baker International, Inc. is a leading provider of engineering, development, intelligence, and technology solutions with global reach and mobility that has formed an alliance of some of the world’s most innovative, forward-thinking unmanned aerial system (UAS) pilots, system integrators, and platform developers.

In combination with our own pilots across the nation, we have a team of available, nationwide companies and their pilots enabled with appropriate UAS technologies to rapidly respond, mobilize, and provide UAS services in the complete array of categories and in every state.

Our UAS Services are:

  • Aerial Inspection and Mapping
  • Emergency Response
  • Agriculture and Gaming
  • Law Enforcement Support
  • Media and Marketing